High Performance Lubricant for Warm Compaction Process

Wlub201 is a free flowing, clean burning lubricant for powder metallurgy in warm compaction process for higher density.

Wlub201 performs extremely well in warm compaction process when the temperature of the powder has been heat into the range of 100 degree C to 140 degree C subject to the density demand, composition and the process. 

Parts using Wlub201 in warm compaction process can achieve a higher density and it has a lower ejection force, better flow and cleaner burning comparing with other warm compaction lubricants. And 0.3%-0.8% (in weight) of Wlub is suggested to add into the mix subject to the detailed demand.

Wlub201 is packed in Polyethylene bag and then covered with a paper box. Each bag contains 20 kg Wlub201 in net weight.

Please store Wlub201 in clean and dry place in room temperature. Please seal the bag for storage once opened.

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